Moving your Business

Moving Your New Business to Your New Town

Few would deny that the world is changing. Between the benefits of technology to the ways we work, live, plan, learn, and more, business owners and customers alike have different expectations than they did even a few years ago. If you're like many people and have always dreamed of starting your own business, it's likely you've given thought to moving to your dream location. Here’s how to move and start a business — and achieve your dreams.

Plan Your Business

Though some things will have to wait until you get to your new town or city, there's a lot you can do ahead of time when it comes to making decisions about your company. It's a good idea to write up a solid business plan, look into the new state's business startup laws, and become familiar with the software and technology you'll need to thrive.
If you're moving and plan to run a new business out of your home, you'll want to find a platform to handle your payroll system before making hiring decisions in your local community. Keep an eye out for comprehensive payroll services that offer automatic payroll scheduling as well as bookkeeping, basic accounting, and tax filing. By becoming familiar with these programs ahead of time, you'll be ready to network with the community and get your new business up and running smoothly.

Watch the Industry

While that business plan is important, it’s also imperative to stay on top of quick trend changes, too. The business world is moving faster than ever and your company’s ability to stay on top of changes could make the difference between success and failure. Connect with experts in your industry to learn what is working well and what trends are emerging.

Research Your Move

You can research your move and new home the same way you do your plans for your new business. Join social media groups with residents of towns you're considering moving to get first-hand information on homes and amenities in the area ahead of time. Reach out to an expert realtor well in advance of your move.

If you’re not ready to purchase a home yet, look into renting instead. Rental prices can vary substantially by neighborhood, but look for a home that will provide you with enough space for a home office, which will save you money on renting an office.

Make Connections

Making connections in your new town now will help make big home purchase decisions easier.  When starting a business, it’s always a good idea to reach out to your local chamber of commerce and other groups and local agencies. Consider giving your local business leaders and groups a call to let them know who you are.
If you’re like many new business owners and plan to run your business out of your home, consider asking your chamber whether or not they do ribbon cuttings and other marketing for new businesses coming to town. Many groups will hold ribbon-cuttings at the town hall to promote online.

Register Your Business

When moving from one state to another, it can be important to register your business in your new state as soon as possible. This is because most states require companies to register with the state's business registry in order to become legally authorized to conduct business in that state. Thus, by registering with the state immediately, you can ensure that your company is fully compliant with all legal requirements and will be able to operate without issue. For example, to register an S corp in NC, you can work with a formation service, but it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with your new state’s requirements.

A Better Chance of Success

In the end, you’ll give your business a better chance of success if you form close ties to your local community, stick to a solid business plan, invest in great software programs, register your business, and find ways to make your company stand out from the rest even before you move.

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